All gloss levels may be individually produced, from prime matt to high gloss

Quality and elegance. Matt, scratch-proof and fine.

High gloss edgings and surfaces remain in vogue. As your reliable partner for customised edgeband solutions, SURTECO will supply the edgebands to satisfy this trend ‒ in all imaginable colours.

The demand for the matt look has seen a steady rise in recent years. This is why SURTECO, in a global first, is now offering its virtually stain-proof prime matt surface for thermoplastic edgebands, especially PP edgebands.

Bright selection of high gloss edgebands

Döllken’s high gloss edgebands will refine all furniture by lighting up edges in colours. The high grade Premium high gloss (gloss level 5) final varnish will complement all with a perfect combination of quality and elegance.

The wide selection of different high gloss edgebands in the Instant Edging Programme (KSP), all available ex stock, is also quite remarkable. And now new, in 100 mm width!

Simply select the high gloss level in the Edgeband Finder and view all the matching edgebands!

Hochglanz Kante

Your benefits:

  • Brilliant: Edgebands and surfaces with high gloss appearance
  • Directly available: A lot of high gloss edgebands available ex stock
  • Noble: Final Premium high gloss varnish
  • Modern design
  • Top optical quality

Nano technology for the perfect surface

Thanks to state of the art surface technology, the surface of the prime matt edgeband will be extremely scratch- and stain-resistant. These outstanding surface characteristics will assure the contractor of reliable production and the customer of durable furniture.

Apart from the visual and mechanical characteristics of the super matt coating, the new surface will also impress with its special haptic properties. The velvety feel of the surface will remind of varnishes that are soft to the touch.

Simply select the high gloss level in the Edgeband Finder and view all the matching edgebands!

Supermatt Kante

Your benefits:

  • Robust: Extremely resistant to scratching and staining
  • Velvety: Soft surface
  • Suited especially for PP edgebands
  • Particularly pleasant to touch
  • Modern design
  • Top optical quality

Gloss levels

Döllken edgebands are available in a wide range of gloss levels: From prime matt to high gloss – produced to match the relevant board. Intermediate gloss levels to these two extremes will naturally be available on request.

The 3D edgeband is extruded matt and may simply be polished to achieve the desired degree of gloss. Rendering it the ideal finish to boards from matt to high gloss fronts or worktops.

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