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Sustainability with SURTECO GmbH

60 years of innovation and responsibility

As a pioneer and market leader in thermoplastic edgebands for over 60 years, we have been putting into practice an open corporate value culture. Alongside employee satisfaction and the power of innovation, environmental and climate protection, social responsibility, and the conservation of resources and energy are integral to our business activities.

Some examples of our comprehensive approach to sustainability are:


> GREENGUARD-GOLD clean air certification for all Döllken edgebands

The GREENGUARD certification is an internationally recognised standard for low-emission products to indicate indoor air quality. In fact, more than 400 sustainability standards, norms, directives, procurement regulations and classification programmes guarantee the credibility of GREENGUARD-certified products. All Döllken edgebands are certified to the highest standard, “GREENGUARD-GOLD”.

This means that they are certified for use even in sensitive areas, such as preschools, primary and secondary schools and health-care facilities. Certification is annually revised and updated.


> Conservation of resources through “closed loop” recycling

SURTECO GmbH pursues a “zero waste” production goal. Thus, our highest priority is the conservation of resources. All waste produced in the manufacture of plastic edgebands (plastics and printing inks) is collected and sorted by material, processed as much as possible and mechanically recycled in-house. The targeted use of secondary raw materials closes the materials cycle, saves resources and minimises the production of waste.

Life Cycle Assessment

> Life cycle assessment (LCA) ISO 14040

SURTECO GmbH generates a wide range of life cycle assessments for its products and thus obtains reliable data on all the effects on the local, regional and global environment. In this way Döllken edgebands are constantly optimised, new materials evaluated, emissions reduced and resources conserved. Sustainable innovations such as ABS edgebands, which reduce CO2 emissions and save energy and fresh water, are generated.

> Solvent-free, water-based printing inks and primer systems

In the manufacture of its edgebands we predominantly uses water-based printing inks and primer systems. As one of the leading manufacturers on the international scene, we have since 2004 to a great extent stopped using compounds containing chlorine or halogen in all its printing and primer systems.

> Packaging made from FSC-certified recycled cardboard

For its cardboard packaging SURTECO GmbH uses FSC-certified recycled cardboard. Since 2015 our programme of constantly improving packaging systems has reduced the use of plastic film by more than 30 %.

> Energy conservation and management

Energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001
In 2015 we introduced an energy management system, which encompassed all types of energy consumption within the company. Collected data shows that SURTECO GmbH systematically and constantly increased its energy efficiency, and in the first year (2016) we already achieved a 3 % increase.

Constant conversion to LED lighting systems
In the last few years most of the outdoor and indoor lighting in the production and storage facilities has been converted to energy-saving LED technology. Our target is to replace a total of 627 conventional lighting systems with 320 high-efficiency LED lighting systems by 2020.

Compressed air preparation – cutting-edge technology with heat recovery
This year, by implementing an innovative, compressed air concept with cutting-edge heat-recovery technology, Döllken will reduce its energy consumption by more than 20 %. The waste heat from the generation of compressed air is also used for the temperature control of the operating facilities.

Saving water through a modern cooling system
A new cooling water treatment for the cooling water loop saves SURTECO GmbH a considerable amount of fresh water.

Conservation of resources through product innovations
In product development SURTECO GmbH places great value on conserving resources and energy efficiency. This generates product innovations, such as FUSION-EDGE, an edgeband which has been developed to be processed with state-of-the art bonding techniques, such as laser technology. The application of the FUSION-EDGE edgeband means an energy saving of up to 30 % in comparison with conventional hot-melt application processes.

> TÜV-Rhineland-tested quality compliance

Independent testing by TÜV-Rhineland confirms it: Döllken edgebands comply with the highest product safety and quality standards. In Döllken products the level of substances dangerous to health, such as the PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) often detected in cheap products, are below the detection limit.

> Conformity with REACH for all edgeband raw materials

All materials used by SURTECO GmbH to manufacture edgebands comply with the European Union REACH Directive and are therefore free of hazardous substances such as heavy metals, dangerous plasticisers and other SVHC (substances of very high concern).

> Our social commitment

Our responsibility does not end with our products; it is also reflected in our social commitment. Our activities in the field of social responsibility include:

Cooperation with the Caritas workshops in Gladbeck
Charitable organisations make it possible for people with disabilities to take part in working life. SURTECO GmbH supports this important initiative and has a proportion of its cardboard packaging assembled by the local Caritas workshops in Gladbeck.

Occupational health management

Occupational health management (OHM) is the systematic, target-oriented, constant control of all operational processes, with the aim of maintaining and promoting health, performance and success for the company and all its employees. In this respect SURTECO GmbH offers its employees a wide range of additional services:

– Fitness studio memberships
– JobRad (sponsoring more than 90 bicycles for employees)
– Company runs
– A variety of sports groups (table tennis, football, etc.)
– Yoga courses
– One day each week when only fruit is eaten
– Ergonomics co-management in the workplace
– Event days based on health topics

An outstanding commitment to education and training
With an above-average training quota of up to 17 % SURTECO GmbH is an exemplary training company and a reliable regional employer, as training and the creation of new workplaces is a significant contribution to regional development. This has been recognised by an award from the Federal Agency for Employment.

Do you have questions about sustainability?
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