Perfect look with Döllken worktop edgebands

All edgebands as worktop edgeband for your kitchen.

Döllken worktop edgebands will be constantly updated to complement the latest market trends. We will therefore always supply you with the edgeband to suit your project, produced for you directly in the variation and material you desire. Döllken worktop edgebands will always offer top quality appearance, like a seamless whole with the finish of the worktop.

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Your benefits:

  • Any edgeband available also as worktop edgeband
  • All materials / All types
  • 3D / 3D-Space / PVC / PP / ABS
  • from Unicolor to DC & high gloss
  • Width from 12 mm to 105 mm
  • Thickness from 0.8 mm to 3.0 mm
41W1 - Egger H3335 ST10


43V0 - Duropal R5830 FG


99U7 - Duropal R4262 RT


Döllken worktop edgebands made of PMMA (3D), PVC, PP and ABS will impress by their top quality looks and appearance like a seamless whole with the finish of the worktop. Our product types are available from unicolor via DC to high gloss.

Our vast selection of finishes will allow you to create perfection down to the smallest detail. The diversity of worktop edgebands thus created in our programme will naturally also match all leading board and laminated product collections and will remain up-to-date. We will also produce your customised edgebands, using materials of your choice.

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