Member of the German innovation elite

Success in the popular TOP 100 Competition

For more than 25 years small and medium-sized companies have been participating in the TOP 100 Innovation Award. This is a way for the companies to be assessed on their management of and success in innovation.

Döllken has emerged with success and distinction from among 471 other contenders. Döllken was able to make a positive impression, especially in the areas of external orientation and the climate of innovation. SURTECO can now number itself as one of the TOP 100 innovators in the small and medium-sized company sector in Germany. The new COMPACT-STYLE and CORE-DESIGN products from SURTECO emphasise the innovative energy, which won SURTECO the TOP 100 Award.

SURTECO’s Instant Edging Programme (KSP 2.0) is one mechanism for creating particular outward-looking orientation. In this way trading partners stay flexible in the daily course of business and keep smoothly to promised delivery deadlines. This is because edgebands matching more than 10,000 decors from international leaders in plastic sheeting manufacture are available within 24 hours, from one metre in length and in a huge variety of widths.

For selected customers our production staff develop an image of how Döllken’s edgebands work and how our service will influence the customer’s production. This way of working contributes to an open climate of innovation and promotes not just SURTECO’s innovative strength, but also that of the customers.

Scientific analysis allows the future sustainability of the company to be characterised more precisely. Innovative processes can be further optimised, innovation marketing can be promoted and consolidation of the climate of innovation can continue.

Recognition as one of the most innovative companies creates a further opportunity for SURTECO to position itself more securely in the sector. Döllken thus presents itself to its customers, suppliers and potential competitors as a reliable partner and attractive employer with innovative capacity.

The widely-varying interests of the customers are translated by the principle of “one stop shopping” within the SURTECO Group. Edgebands and surfaces are coordinated to form an exact match. The future merger will expand the themed areas service, development work and Industry 4.0 activities.

Innovation is a joint venture – with the members of staff and the customers – Frank M. Bruns (CEO)

This distinction is a major accolade for the hard work of all our members of staff here at SURTECO and is further motivation to continue to improve.

Döllken gewinnt TOP 100 Award

Award ceremony on Friday, 29 June 2018 in Ludwigsburg.

From left to right: Frank M. Bruns, Ranga Yogeshwar, Frank Magg, Horst Pachowiak