CORE-DESIGN wins pro-K award 2018

Design solutions in detail 


“This year we are also very pleased to announce the pro-K award 2018 for our new product DIGITAL-EDGE “CORE-DESIGN“. The product idea were created by our employees in the field of digital printing within the framework of the Idea Management. That is why I am particularly pleased because the performance of the employees were also awarded.”

Mr. Meyer zu Drewer, Head of Product Management Industry

SURTECO’s digital printing capabilities are well known for exceptional edgeband solutions for furniture at the highest level. Detailed solutions for harmonious kitchen spaces play an increasing role in impressing customers. The Döllken DIGITAL-EDGE “CORE-DESIGN” offers design solutions to inspire customers with creative novelties.

Technological advancement makes it happen

Now thanks to SURTECO’s technology it is possible to print two different decors in best quality at the same time on to the edgeband. Hence, without much effort, it is possible to include the décor of the splashback or the kitchen front in to the core of the edgeband. This connects the worktop with the entire kitchen – a harmonious kitchen world is created.

Vintage look Portuguese tiles are in trend and in modern kitchen designs are often used as splashbacks. Including this design in the worktop’s core makes it appear fresh and also completes the overall picture of the kitchen. New opportunities in terms of worktop design are also the combination of stone and wood. A Travertine premium-gloss worktop with wood core takes away the cold “feel” of the flagstone and therefore makes the worktop seem warmer. Using end grain and long grain for the core of the worktop makes it absolutely unique.

Quality in detail

The DIGITAL-EDGE “CORE-DESIGN” is a quality product and subject to strict quality control. This SURTECO revolution is now available for ABS- and PP-edgebands as well as ABS- and PP FUSION-EDGE and meets the strict standards of the furniture industry, especially for the kitchen furniture industry.
This gives the customers and manufacturers the reliable security of a quality product made by SURTECO.



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