3D-Space-Wave – winner of pro-K Award 2017

The innovative and creative product 3D-Space-Wave has been selected as the winner of the pro-K Award in the area of surface systems.

19 manufacturers of plastic products including SURTECO GmbH have every reason to celebrate, because on 12 January 2017 the winners of the pro-K Award were chosen. The expert jury was spoiled for choice and had to choose from a wide range of applications for the best products.

The new 3D-Space-Wave range not only looks fantastic and stylish; these edgebands are real eye-catchers and will considerably enhance the appearance of any piece of furniture. In addition, they have a number of special features.
The wave pattern integrated in the band surface creates a remarkable impression of depth. The pattern is actually embedded in each band while these also have a high gloss surface finish. This means that they can not only be used to reinforce the appearance of more space but they also additionally have easy-to-clean surfaces. Moreover, applying our 3D-Space-Wave bands is child’s play as both front and back surfaces are smooth so that milling, particularly when it comes to fitting and corner pieces, is unproblematic.
Our 3D-Space-Wave edgebands can be supplied from stock in four fashionable colours (stainless steel, titanium, old bronze and aluminium) in the dimensions 23 x 1.3 mm (ideal for fronts) and 43 x 1.5 mm (ideal for worktops). So you can start using this new product now to prepare unique items of furniture.  We can also supply our 3D-Space-Wave edgebands in customised versions and other colour tones on request: we will require just a few weeks to supply these.

pro-K Award Logo Winner 2017