Used Look

Second-hand steel surface finishes – the latest trend

Not only is the Used Look popular in fashion, but it is also popular in the furniture industry. As a pioneer in innovations, SURTECO has brought the Used Look 3D edgebands onto the market, which are particular eye-catchers thanks to their special colour structure.

The Used Look 3D edgebands are straightforward, simple, yet diversified and an impressive accent. They are available in different variations. The copper, gold, aluminium, stainless steel and bronze tones add a touch of glamour and are unique in their appearance.

Color-CodeDescriptionIn stock
E.GD 16050403gold used
E.GD 16050405bronze used
DC 3R56bronze hammer finish
DC 3R57copper used
E.GD 16050408copper mesh
E.GD 16050410gold bubble
DC 700Ralu brushedIn stock
DC 182Rstainless steel brushedIn stock

Impressions of new 3D edgebands in Used Look