Wrapping up projects on schedule

Made possible with SURTECO’s Instant Edging Programme (KSP 2.0).

The Instant-Edging-Programme will render you flexible in your daily business and enable you to honour your promised delivery schedules with ease. Because edgebands to suit more than 10 000 finishes by globally leading board manufacturers will be available within 24 hours. Starting from just one metre and at varying widths.

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24h Lieferung

Your benefits:

  • Delivery within 24 hours, starting from one metre
  • From super matt to high gloss, from DIGITAL-EDGE to FUSION-EDGE
  • Finish and matching colours across all widths
  • Unlimited pool colours for the production of small quantities
  • Widths of 16 to 100 mm for all conventional colours and finishes
Customer service

Delivery to suit your needs

Annoying warehousing of remnants will be something of the past. We will deliver quantities as needed, just in time for your project and starting from one metre. You may select by the metre from a range of more than 1 400 colours and finishes, in dimensions of 23, 28, 33, 45 and 54 mm and will receive your edgebands within 24 hours.

In addition to the standard dimensions of 23, 28, 33, 45, 54 and 100 mm, you may also order the 100 mm master roll from us and have us cut it directly to your desired sizes between 16 and 100 mm. All widths are therefore readily available ex stock and in small quantities.

Individual small quantities

Via our Quick-Shot programme, we will produce any colour/finish, embossing and dimensional combination for you, starting from 450 m and within only five working days. In this way you will, beyond the Instant Edging Programme, have access to more than 1 000 000 edgeband product combinations.

Product groups

Be it the looks, the place of application or the anticipated stress: Each edgeband will face its own individual demands. We have developed different product groups to make the selection of your individual model as easy as possible. For an overview of the diversity of options, please refer below for details and specifications of the different edgeband types.

FUSION-EDGE – the high performance edgeband for all joining technologies

FUSION-EDGE promises seamless transition between edgeband and board. No need for additional hot melt adhesive. Once joined, FUSION-EDGE will create a solid unit with all conventional wood based materials. This is made possible through innovative hot air technology, laser joining*, plasma technology and NIR.

* The company Bulthaup holds patent rights to laser bonding in Germany. Using this technology in Germany requires Bulthaup’s consent.

Melamine edgebands – seamless covering of narrow surfaces

Döllken melamine edgebands are manufactured based on special printed lightfast paper. They are perfectly suited for easy covering of narrow wood based material surfaces such as chipboard, MDF board, solid wooden board and much more. For more information, click here.

Super matt edgebands – fully in vogue

Super matt surfaces for thermoplastic edgebands follow the furniture industry trend by gradually replacing high gloss surfaces. Apart from the visual and mechanical characteristics of the super matt coating, the new surface will also impress with its special haptic properties. The velvety feel of the surface will remind of varnishes that are soft to the touch. The Instant Edging Programme offers more than 100 super matt colours and finishes waiting to be used.

Thin edgebands – top quality standard with top eco credentials

The Döllken thin edgeband stock programme offers colours and finishes to match the most popular types of board. Thanks to the ABS material, these high grade edgebands will be convincing not only through their outstanding eco credentials, good over-stretching capacity and higher heat resistance, but also through accurate print imaging, natural embossing and varying levels of gloss.

3D edgebands – Their noble appearance will enhance every piece of furniture

3D-Premium Gloss 2-in-1

At last you can offer your customers a true alternative to real glass. Our 3D-Premium Gloss 2-in-1 edgebands are optimally suited to place expressive highlights and to lend furniture a unique effect. They will therefore offer the same advantages as genuine glass, but will furthermore be significantly lighter, less expensive and more resistant than their counterpart.

3D-3-in-1 Edgeband

The 3D-3-in-1 edgeband is a real eye-catcher. It may be applied horizontally or vertically, improving the situation in either case. Find it on fronts, carcasses and doors and wherever you may look.

High gloss edgebands – a special UV varnish will provide top level gloss

Döllken high gloss edgebands will enable you to perfectly meet ongoing high demands for elegant mirror finishes in the world of furniture. Numerous colours offer adequate scope for the realization of individual customer demands. The final varnish will create a unique gloss to render each piece of furniture highly attractive.

Uni edgebands – optimally matched edgeband to blend in with your board

Colours will render rooms much friendlier. Do not allow yourself to be restricted here. Our Instant Edging Programme will offer you the perfect edgeband to match the look and feel of any board.

Edgeband finishes – no limits to your imagination

With the particularly natural appearance of their surfaces, edgeband finishes will offer you virtually unlimited options of design. Be it wood, multiplex, stone, metallic or fantasy finishes, classical or progressive, discreet or provocative: Allow yourself to be inspired to new ideas. By the way: Consistent production of finishing, matching leading board manufacturers, means that matching edgebands will be available for almost any board, ex stock.

Digital edgebands – Perfect down to the smallest detail

Unique: Innovative technology will unite edgeband and board to create a harmonious whole. This will allow you to perfectly match edgebands to even high-end worktops to create a harmonious whole.


Apart from the standard 28, 33, 45, 54 mm widths, many edgebands are also available in customised dimensions. We have the flexibility to cut your desired edgeband to widths from 16 to 100 mm. In addition to the standard 2 mm thickness, the Instant Edging Programme also offers 0.4, 0.8, 1, 1.3 and 1.5 mm thick edgebands.


A result will be impressive if all is optimally matched. This is why SURTECO will straight away supply the accessories you need – professionally and all under one roof.

Döllken AQUA-STOP-PEN – for reliable joint sealing

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable protection from swelling around joints
  • Durable and visually appealing joints
  • Simple handling
  • Easy cleaning of treated surfaces

Döllken TOP-LINE – the wall joint trim system for tailored abutments

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Four selected colours combinable with all styles (anodised aluminium, brushed stainless steel, black, white)
  • Vier ausgewählte, mit allen Stilrichtungen kombinierbare Farben (alu eloxiert, edelstahl gebürtstet, schwarz, weiß)
  • Inside and outside corners and end flaps, ex stock
  • Low storage costs thanks to colour concepts to match requirements

Perfect adhesion to tiles, granite, laminates, wallpaper, solid surface materials, wood, etc.

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