Order by express service for super fast delivery!

Only Döllken will offer you this. Top service for our customers!

At Döllken we always endeavour not only to supply our customers with top quality, but to do so in the shortest possible time. To achieve this, we have launched a special express programme. With this service we will guarantee you just-in-time delivery for your project! Long waiting times for delivery of your orders is thus a relic of the past.

KSP Express

Fast delivery time for ABS, 3D/PMMA, PP and PVC edgebanding

Ask for your individual edgebanding production and lead time!

When you order from Döllken your plastic edgeband will be ready within few weeks. Our long-term focus is on short delivery times and we have invested to ensure this objective is met. Please ask for current production and lead times for different raw materials (contact us).


Express production – ready within just 5 days!

For the really urgent occasions!

Avail yourself of our Express Production service should you have a special need for speed. This unique service will speed up your order and we will produce your edgeband within just 5 working days*.


Any combination of colour/finish, embossing and dimensions, starting from 450 m, produced for you within five working days only

The Döllken Quick-Shot programme

In our Quick-Shot programme we will, within just five working days, produce any colour/finish, embossing and dimensional combination for you as individual small quantities, starting from 450 m. In this way you will, over and above the Instant Edging Programme, have access to more than 1 000 000 combinations of edgeband products.

Expressproduktion Kantentürme

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* high gloss edgebands excluded.