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Quality for the customer satisfaction

Quality and quality management are fundamental components of the SURTECO GmbH corporate culture. The high-quality demands and expectations of our national and international customers and partners constitute both our obligation and challenge. The strategic success of a company of course depends on the optimal combination of quality, cost and time.
We will offer our customers and international partners all our Döllken products and services at a defined standard of quality. This includes:

  • comprehensive advice on design and application
  • qualified and service oriented commercial support
  • consistently high product quality
  • flexible and on-time delivery
  • excellent processing ability of our products
  • compliance with agreed terms and conditions

Quality management and the continuous improvement guide our all-inclusive approach to planning and execution towards the achievement of the top-quality standards our customers and partners are expecting.

SURTECO quality policy

Achievement of our quality standard is ensured through the systematic orientation of the company on our Quality Management System (QMS).

All our staff are called upon to consistently and constructively work towards the improvement and ongoing development of our QMS. The awareness of quality and the associated responsibility are supported through defined training and motivational measures.

Over and above this we have also, as system partners of our customers, introduced a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) to ensure that our Döllken quality will actively follow as the demands of our customers and partners keep growing.

SURTECO quality objectives

The processes on all the levels and functionalities of the corporate structure are oriented towards one objective, namely, to produce and constantly improve SURTECO GmbH quality.

The Quality Management System (QMS) serves to secure and control our quality objectives.

Our quality objectives refer to the quality of our products and services and the quality of our company and its processes. These two areas are central to our processes of ongoing improvement.

The objective of product quality is to offer customers a product that will perfectly satisfy its designated purpose and meet customer expectations with no reservations. Customer and partner contacts are of particular significance in the assessment of this objective. The demands on the product cannot be accurately defined unless in cooperation with them.

This implies establishing both the expressed and the not explicitly formulated customer requirements.

The objective of corporate quality is to continue presenting the SURTECO GmbH as a highly valued supplier and partner to our customers that will render professional and efficient work and processes in all sectors and at all levels of the company, thereby providing the basis for lasting customer-supplier relationships.

Our concept of corporate quality also includes handling natural resources with the responsibility and care it deserves. We are meeting this objective through the deployment of environmentally responsible production processes, through proper recycling or disposal of raw materials and by sensitising our staff to environmentally friendly behaviour.

We will generate such added value for our customers and partners by ensuring that they will receive our products

  • at optimal quality and agreed price and
  • on schedule,

allowing trouble-free further processing. We will in this way assure that our business partners have their confidence in our company reaffirmed.

SURTECO responsibility

The Quality Management System (QMS) serves to secure and control our quality objectives. The Process and Quality Management department is responsible for structuring and monitoring and for ongoing development of the QMS.

The quality management organisation and the QMS are supporting all staff from base level to Management. Every member of our staff has personal responsibility for the quality of his services. This allows all staff the scope to develop their potential to the full towards realisation of the SURTECO GmbH quality.

We consider the ongoing improvement of the quality of our products and our company as the standing responsibility and obligation of all members of staff serving as a basis for the maximum customer benefit and successful development of the company in the future.

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