Fusion technologies

Diode laser

The functional coating on the back of the FUSION-EDGE is melted by a laser beam before it is pressed directly onto the workpiece. The laser has a wavelength of about 980 nm and reacts only on the absorber which SURTECO GmbH includes in the functional coating. This process heats up the functional coating to the required temperature*.

Fusion-Edge_Laser 70

Hot air

Hot air from the outside melts the functional coating applied to the back of the FUSION-EDGE whilst the edgeband is pressed onto the workpiece. The hot air is heated by passing it through heating plates/coils.



The FUSION-EDGE functional coating is heated by radiation from NIR (Near Infrared Radiation) heaters. Heating is from the outside inward. The radiation also partially reacts with the absorber in the FUSION-EDGE.



Using a special air/gas mixture, plasma technology creates a type of flame with a temperature in excess of 1000°C. This flame is applied to the back of the functional coating, heating it up.



Our engineers have succeeded in developing a microwaveable, meltable and adhesive layer that can be heated by the microwave. In the Wavetec method, waves are generated by means of magnetrons, which heats the Döllken functional layer and thus fuses it.

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* The company Bulthaup holds patent rights to laser bonding in Germany. Using this technology in Germany requires Bulthaup’s consent.