Seamless bonding for all joining and thermal technologies.

FUSION-EDGE will work with all current joining technologies and heat sources. In addition to laser*, plasma,  NIR technology, the hot-air processing method and the new microwave is also ideally suited for Döllken FUSION-EDGE. With the FUSION-EDGE you have a perfect bonding of board and edgeband with a visually zero joint.

All Instant Edging Programme colours and ABS finishes and all thicknesses and widths, now available as FUSION-EDGE, starting from one roll.

Individual colours and finishes will be produced on your request, starting from 1.000 meter.


Your benefits:

  • Immediately available ex stock, starting from one roll
  • Visually zero joint
  • Compatible with all conventional joining methods
  • No messy adhesive, thanks to premium functional coating

FUSION-EDGE for all.

With its FUSION-EDGE, Döllken has designed a revolutionary coating for narrow surfaces, creating a seamless unity of edgeband and board. FUSION-EDGE is also a true alternative to glued edging, since this innovative furniture edging requires no additional hot melt adhesive.

Döllken FUSION-EDGE may be applied using any currently available innovative joining technology and heat source. This includes not only the well-known laser method – subject in Germany to patent rights* – but also plasma and hot air Technologies, NIR as well as the wavetec process. Our FUSION-EDGE edging will therefore be amenable to all innovative joining methods and will be available ex stock starting from one roll.


Perfect appearance

The Döllken FUSION-EDGE functional coating will impress with its excellent initial adhesion and its minimal energy requirements compared to other products. Performance fluctuations, which the contractor would need to laboriously re-adjust, are unknown when working with Döllken’s quality products.

The new joining methods will offer visually zero joints, increased production reliability and increased productivity.

Perfectly manufactured

The Döllken FUSION-EDGE is a high-tech product. Special manufacturing processes and tolerances are designed to meet this claim. A perfectly square shaped edgeband will assure the customer of a perfect joint. Sagging is unknown, due to the manufacturing process and comprehensive calibration.


All colours and finishes are available in thicknesses from 0.6 mm to 3 mm and in all widths, customised in PP, ABS and 3D, and with short delivery times (ABS from 450 m).

Additional Information


The perfect edge

The DIGITAL-EDGE will of course be available also as FUSION-EDGE. Döllken has therefore, as a first, combined two technologies to create the edgeband of the future: Perfect application using new joining technologies and a first class printed image based on digital printing have now been united in the DIGITAL-EDGE, as FUSION-EDGE.


Optimal for the kitchen worktop

Your benefits:

  • New: Two future technologies united in one edgeband
  • Perfect: Application using new joining technologies
  • Outstanding: First class printed image thanks to digital printing technology
  • Flexible: Pattern repeat lengths of more than 2 000 mm

The innovation of SURTECO GmbH is a decisive advancement towards perfectly matching finishes, especially for worktop edgings. Digitally printed edgebands offer a printed image to perfectly match the kitchen worktop. Thanks to digital printing, conventional pattern repeat lengths are now relics of the past. The choice is yours and you may match the pattern repeat (of > 2 000 mm) to the specific surface material.

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* The company Bulthaup holds patent rights to laser bonding in Germany. Using this technology in Germany requires Bulthaup’s consent.