Döllken edgebands – Product versions

Döllken edgebands are available in a diversity of product versions and materials. They will therefore always be perfectly suited for the demands made on them and always of outstanding quality no matter which product version will be choosed.

Unicolor (SF)
ABS edgebands, PVC edgebands and PP edgebands are unicolor. The material has solid colours.

SF Unicolor

Bicolor (SF)
ABS edgebands, PVC edgebands and PP edgebands have two layers. Each layer has a different solid colour.

SF Bicolor

Surface print (DC)
ABS edgebands, PVC edgebands and PP edgebands have a printed surface sealed with UV hardened acrylic varnish. The material has solid colours.

Decor (DC)

Through-grained (DM)
ABS edgebands, PVC edgebands and PP edgebands have a printed surface sealed with UV hardened acrylic varnish. The material has two solid colours, creating a natural wood grain effect in milled radii.

durchgemaserte Oberfläche (DM)

3D edgeband

The 3D edgeband consists of crystal clear acrylic with a finish on the back. The unique advantage: The finish will remain fully intact even after milling of radii and chamfers, since only the transparent layer will be milled. Unattractive frame effects are thus past tense. The finish will of course also be protected from damage. Not only is SURTECO the inventor, but clearly also the pioneer in the market for 3D edgebands. With its three newly developed 3D edgebands, SURTECO has once again proven this claim.

The new Döllken 3D-Space edgebands


Your benefits:

  • Exceptional: The innovative 3D edgebands offer new edgeband design structures
  • Novel: Interaction with the observer
  • Perfect unity: Linking of edgeband and design features in the room

The new 3D-Space edgeband will open up new furniture design options.

The asymmetric structure of the lamellae serves to link transparency and the novel depth effect. This will create interactions between the observer and the 3D-Space edgebands. Both the surface finish and the appearance of the edgeband will change as the viewing angle changes. Visually, the edgeband will create a sense of lightness due to its natural and apparently mobile lamellae and the PMMA material.

The 3D-Space edgeband will display excellently on:

  • Worktops
  • Fronts
  • Drawers
  • Doors

The 3D-Multiplex edgeband creates a unique depth effect through striking interactions between transparent and solid coloured lines. Your creativity will know no bounds, thanks to the wide range of multiplex line colours. Customised play of colours has the capacity to meet any customer demands.


3D 3-in-1 Finish
3D 3-in-1 edgeband finishes will be the perfect match to any worktop surface finish and the interaction between surface finish and contrast strip will create a novel oneness of board and edgeband, as never seen before. By embedding a strip matching the colour of the face, the edgeband will create a link to the design features of the room. SURTECO will offer customised design options in terms of combinations of colour and finishes of this edgeband also.


3D 2-in-1 Finish

Our 3D 2-in-1 edgeband is the clever alternative to real glass. The special advantages of glass will be retained, whilst drawbacks disappear. Acrylic material offers the option of deciding where the finish should be applied to the back of the material to thereby create a unique depth effect. With the 3D 2-in-1 edgeband, two colours, or finishes, will run in parallel. Plain colours will be combined mainly with stainless steel, but also with wood finishes.

A special high gloss varnish will finally be applied to 3D 2-in-1 edgebands, obviating the need for later polishing.

3D 2in1

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