Our edgebands – Embossing types and structures

Surface structures will render every edgeband an experience

Not only will SURTECO thermoplastic edgebands look good, they will also feel good because ot embossing types and structures. This is achieved, among other, through outstanding SURTECO embossing. Edgebands will be rendered tangible, highlighting their quality.

32 different embossing types and structures lend Döllken furniture a distinctive liveliness and a perfectly matched finish. The special secret of SURTECO embossing: They will immediately catch the eye of the beholder, tempting to touch the edgeband. SURTECO is consistently developing its surface structures for ABS-, PVC-, PP- and PMMA edgebands to match current trends, assuring you of an edgeband solution to match your preferred style. Classical 3D edgebands are extruded with a smooth surface. 3D edgebands may, however, be enhanced with a variety of embossing or textures. This will lend the edge a special look and a matching, characteristic feel.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Continuous: Ongoing development of surface structures
  • In vogue: The surface structure to match any trend
  • Creative: Combinations of embossing and gloss levels

Our edgebands are available with many different embossings to ensure a match to the surface of the board.

Distinct impression

Samples of embossings shown are available on request.

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