Optimal joint sealing using Döllken AQUA-STOP-PEN

Waterproof. Resistant to steam. Dirt-repellent.

No more swelling boards – the innovative and easily applied Döllken AQUA-STOP-PEN will seal plastic, wood, metal or stone surface joints on furniture or parts of furniture in 60 seconds.


Your benefits:

  • Waterproof, resistant to dirt and steam
  • Durable joints
  • Reliable protection from swelling
  • Very simple handling
  • Easy to clean


Der DOELLKEN AQUA-STOP-PEN ist dampfbeständig.

Steam resistant


Dirt repellent


Moisture and dirt no longer stand a chance.

Your wooden boards in kitchens or bathrooms, for instance, will from now on be protected from water and moisture. Because Döllken AQUA-STOP-PEN will seal your joints fast – and especially also reliably. Simply apply a thin layer, allow to dry for one minute and that’s it – the joint will be sealed waterproof.

Resistant to steam

Absolutely resistant to steam.

Water vapour may cause glued joints to swell – water will find large contact surfaces especially in joints for boards. But Döllken AQUA-STOP-PEN will put an end to this and provide better protection from moisture here as well.

Dirt repellent

Tight sealing prevents any dirt from entering the joint. The treated surface will thus remain easy to clean and visually appealing.

And sealing with AQUA-STOP-PEN is also oil repellent.

Universally applicable

All-round sealing is not limited to wood or plastic alone, but includes metallic or stone surfaces also. The scope of application is virtually unlimited.

It has demonstrated its capability in the course of numerous tests performed by our customers and users.

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