Flow-Thorugh application of AQUA-STOP COATING to component edges

SURTECO and Movanorm develop flow-throug process for edgeband adhesion machines

Nowadays we are seeing ever more stringent requirements with regard to components. Wooden elements used in the construction of furniture or parts of these tend to swell on exposure to moisture. When this happens, irreversible damage becomes unavoidable. Tiny areas of impairment that are not visible to the naked eye can be created when edgebands are applied to boards. Minute hair cracks in surface layers, incomplete joint coverage by the adhesive and sub-optimal subsequent mechanical processing provide for situations in which moisture can penetrate an item. The AQUA-STOP COATING and AQUA-STOP PEN developed by SURTECO provide for perfect sealing of capillaries and ensure that furniture is durable and long-lived.

In addition to providing for excellent waterproofing, AQUA-STOP COATING is also oil- and dirt-repellent. The special sealant developed using state-of-the-art technology guarantees perfect results. This all-round sealing product is not only suitable for use on wood or plastics; it can also be applied to metal and stone surfaces. There are almost no limits to potential applications!

The corresponding AQUA-STOP PEN that has been available for several years has already proved its worth, particularly in view of the ease with which it allows for manual sealing. In practical trials, an eight-fold extension of waterproofing duration has been documented. In order to make the product suitable for use by large-scale manufacturers, SURTECO has developed, working in collaboration with the kitchen furniture manufacturer and its long-standing client Movanorm, a process for edgebanding machines that makes flow-through application of AQUA-STOP COATING possible.

For Dietmar Leuchtenberger, Technical Director at Movanorm, it was particularly important that there were no problems with system operation. “At Movanorm, we place particularly emphasis on ensuring trouble-free production so that the high quality of the furniture we supply can be guaranteed,” In extensive tests, various techniques for application were investigated. “We were able to avoid major abrasion, achieve short response times and carefully dosed quantities using the special Micro 3 spray nozzles produced by Krautzberger,” explains SURTECO’s Head of Application Technology, Henrich Altenhoff. For this reason, a contact-free application process is possible. The AQUA-STOP COATING is sprayed in minute quantities onto the corresponding surfaces. Just 0.05 g (or 0.1 g/linear metre if coating both sides) is required per linear metre to achieve the required waterproofing effect.

Not only the nozzles are important – the flow of sealant also determines the result. The atomisation of the sealant must be kept in strict time with the passage of the furniture components. For this purpose, the medium has to be kept under constant pressure – as in the case of the fuel injection systems used in vehicles.

“The nozzles are particularly small, meaning that we can install them next to each other even in situations where space is limited. We were able to use this advantage to develop our production concept,” adds Dietmar Leuchtenberger. The optimal position for nozzles is next to the scraper blades in the machine. However, it must be borne in mind that each nozzle is used to spray both top and bottom surfaces of components – in this case, sealant consumption is 0.1 g/m. Even this small amount is sufficient to significantly enhance the water-resistance of furniture elements. Application rates are monitored by a linear detector; 1 litre sealant is used for each 10,000 linear metres of material.

Using this spray technique, it is possible to apply AQUA-STOP COATING to surface areas with a width of some 3 mm. It is important to ensure that the cut edges of pieces are coated. This can be the weak point of many components, as most capillaries are exposed in the surface layer of wooden articles due to mechanical processing. “There is another benefit when it comes to application units as minor processing faults are consistently covered, meaning that there is no abrasion of chain conveyors,” clarifies Henrich Altenhoff.

In numerous trials, the advantages of this waterproof coating have been demonstrated providing for improvements in a range of factors 6 to 8.

Not only that, but AQUA-STOP COATING can improve results for EVA media-based adhesion and the results of water testing of laser-cut components with use of PUR media. Similar improvements can be seen in the results of tests of water vapour permeability and in alternating climate testing.

For Movanorm, the long term results with regard to production routine are altogether positive. “Our production personnel just need to wear gloves when it comes to stacking the processed items,” concludes Dietmar Leuchtenberger of Movanorm.

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