Our new Design Centre in Gladbeck

Together developing your finishes, live – SURTECO invites you into the customer lounge of its new Design Centre.

Closely in touch with the customer – a top SURTECO objective. The modern new Design Centre with customer lounge in Gladbeck will enhance customer contact and enable interactive development of finishes.

The ideal place for good decisions.

You will be in a position to immediately inspect and approve colours and finishes in the pleasant atmosphere of the customer lounge of the attractive new SURTECO Design Centre. You will be a welcome guest and customer here. Throughput times will, after all, be considerably faster when you can personally define the colours for colour designs or direct productions, participate in the selection of your individual finishes and give the final go-ahead.

Everything included.

The SURTECO Design Centre comprises the customer lounge, an office and conference room, a showroom with innovative products and the XXL light booth for designing and prototyping your finish. Avail yourself of the customer lounge between individual colour developments, relax and be inspired or take care of your other chores, such as making telephone calls or handling your e-mails.

We look forward to your visit!


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86647 Buttenwiesen
Mr Dennis Kathage
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