Perfection in haptics and optics – industrial surface

The urban charm of industrial lofts on Döllken edgebands

With surprising new possibilities for contemporary furniture design, SURTECO underlines their leadership in edgeband innovations.
Modern minimalism in both interior and furniture design is often closely linked to the urban charm of an ‘industrial’ concrete look. Walls are now often made of exposed concrete, which is familiar in industrial buildings or architecturally designed lofts. This timeless look currently dominates the furniture industry and is used on the surfaces.

SURTECO is taking up the trend surface of the concrete look which is presently an absolute ‘must have’ in modern furniture and interior design. This new design featuring “imperfect surfaces” can be combined superbly with the current UNI-trend colours thus ensuring a very harmonious and timeless feel.

This trend surface finish with the embossing W-256 is available for the material PP as well as ABS and suits all common board surfaces within the furniture industry.

Impressions of new embossing W-256