Döllken expands their 3D-Edgeband spectrum

With surprising new possibilities for contemporary furniture design, Döllken stresses their leadership regarding edge innovations.

Imagine if it was possible to arrange a panel to make it look as if you had placed a high quality glass sheet on to a real wooden board ? What if this panel weighed far less and would be significantly easier to process ? What if the quality of the printed design imitated real wood to an exceptional degree ?

The edgebands consist of two colours or decors that run next to each other. On one side it’s a glossy solid colour that looks liked coloured glass and on the other side is a matt cross grain or horizontal timber effect which hint at an expensive genuine wooden board – that’s possible by combining longitudinal and transversal edgebands.

The processing of these edgebands is simple. Because there is no glass used nothing is wasted and every customer can work with them. The end result is very light because chipboard and edgebands are used. Its easy to pick up on the current trend of Crossgrain or Endgrain widely seen in the furniture industry   and implement it with the combination of the 3D-2in1 endgrain edgeband and corresponding horizontal timber edgeband.

The Doellken 3D-2in1 edgebands in Convertible Design are available in Duo Gloss as well as Premium Gloss. Additionally these can be offered in Fusion Edge so that all new bonding methods are catered for.

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