100 percent success rate to date, potential position after training – exemplary training

Gladbeck. The Gladbeck plastics processor was awarded its training certificate for outstanding commitment to training. Deputy agency Managing Director Christian Schneider emphasised not only the formidable annual number of new trainees but especially also the high quality of training culminating in hundred percent pass rate over past decades. Also deserving special mention: The company will subsequently offer employment virtually without exception.
Zertifikat Bundesagentur für Arbeit

“Anyone signing a training agreement with Döllken may consider himself/herself in the pound seats, since this means you are virtually halfway in the job market for a secure future,” praised Christian Schneider, Deputy Managing Director of the employment agency, as he handed over the certificate. The job market expert explained that this certificate is only awarded to companies with an exceptional record in the field of training.

Several facts will testify that this is indeed the case at Döllken: An average of 14 prospective process technicians (plastic and rubber technology), with girls especially welcome, and industrial management assistants will be trained annually. This constitutes a training ratio of just short of 10 percent of the entire workforce ‒ yet we have even more in mind: “As a first we are already preparing to also offer entrance qualifications to a Bachelor of Arts in the fields of business administration and software development this year,” says Training officer Udo Sadlowski. Depending on need, toolmakers, electronics and mechatronics technicians will also be trained.

Our motto here: Training will be offered to meet what we need. Because Döllken’s concern is especially to secure its own need for specialists – a task which demographic change is likely to render more challenging: “Starting 2017, around 7 to 8 specialists will reach pensionable age and retire from our company. To compensate for these losses, we need to already now attract more junior employees to fill these positions,” says Sadlowski. The employment agency is taking into account the special circumstances of the company in this respect as well, since simply a high number of trainees is no guarantee of a good workforce.

“In-house instruction, intensification of depth of training through external courses at educational institutions, internal practical experience for familiarization with corporate areas removed from specialised fields – these are but a few of the aspects ranking high in Döllken’s training philosophy,” added Schneider. Even learners with school leaving certificates not absolutely laced with top marks will find opportunities at Döllken. Sadlowski: “We will offer young people opportunities, not grades. The position percentages we are offering testify that we are on the right track. This is because we intend to keep those we have trained.” “Highly commendable”, remarked Schneider, hoping for copycats.


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